Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcome 6th grade Knights!

You can ACCESS JOURNEY’S 6th GRADE READING PROGRAM ONLINE RESOURCES AT HOME where you can read the text, with or without audio, and access activities and worksheets on this site: 1. 2. Click on: Reading and Language Arts 3. Click on: JOURNEYS Common Core 4. State: select Kentucky 5. District: select Graves Co. School District Mayfield,42066 6. School: select Central Elementary School Mayfield 42066 7. User Name: firstlast 8. Password: knight 9. Click on: My Library 10. Click on: Reading (bottom left corner of page)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 8, 2013

6th Grade Newsletter – February 8, 2013 School Closing Announcements are posted on the school district’s web site at A district information telephone hotline is available at (270) 674-4803 or 328-4803. Sign Language meeting will be next Monday, February 11 at 3:00 Specials next Thursday, February 14 will follow the Friday schedule. PE Jamboree Grades K-3 will be Tuesday, Feb. 19 Our two snow make up days are: Monday, February 18 and Monday, March 11 Drama Club practice every Tuesday, 3:00-4:30. It is very important to be at every practice from now until performance! March 12th 3:00-6:00 pm in the gym Central Elementary Health & Wellness Fair There will be booths set up to distribute valuable information regarding various health-related topics. Refreshments will be available to the families participating and each adult participant will receive a Travel First Aid Kit. March 12th 1:00-6:00 pm in the gym Red Cross Blood Drive. The class with the most donors present will win an ice cream party. Central Drama Players presents Aladdin, Jr. at the PAC on March 28! CHILDREN'S THEATRE CAMP - JUNE 10-14 & JUNE 17-23 2 week camp for children ages 6-12. Campers will experience and learn about the elements of live theatre. They will receive instruction in the performance aspect and have the opportunity to perform on stage, as well as learn hands-on about the basics of lighting, sound, set, costumes, and makeup. Camp will conclude with 3 performances that highlight new skills developed. The fee is $50 which covers a t-shirt, theatrical resources, and a daily snack. Space is limited and t-shirt orders must be placed by June 1st to guarantee availability - so apply early!! Applications are available online at Writing: Students will write an argumentative letter about a change they would like to see in our school. Students will identify nouns and common nouns in grammar. Reading: Students will read from the novel, A Single Shard. Students will identify and explain the meaning of figurative language, and identify the different types of conflict, internal and external, that the character faces in the first three chapters of the book. Spelling: These words are from the first few chapters of A Single Shard: arid, momentum, complied, oblivious, cowered, perusal, derision, precariously, impudence, prosperity, simile, metaphor, personification, internal conflict, external conflict. Sci/Social Studies: Students are researching countries in Europe and studying the European regions: cultures, climate, and customs. Math: 6th grade math classes are currently studying percents. PL/CS and Arts/Humanities: Local author, Matt Schorr, presented his newly published book, Attack of the Zombiesaurus Rex. This week in DARE: Students learned how to stay out or get out of risky situations. Mr. White’s DARE group’s essays are due Monday, February 11. Shakespeare Festival Coming to Murray State!!! The Shakespeare Festival will host "12th Night" in Lovett Auditorium. Performance at 7:00 PM on March 8th. ***Chattanooga Trip*** Final permission forms have been sent home in Friday Folders. It is VERY important for us to get our final numbers going/not going on the trip. Please return as soon as possible. Money must be paid by March 1. Valentine Parties will be Thursday, Feb. 14 at 2:00. Please check the items you would like to send: Cupcakes____ Drinks____ Total # students…White: 21, West: 21, Murphey: 22 Cookies____ Candy____ Chips_____ other___________________________________________

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2

Reminder: Central Elementary is a Peanut Free School. We have students with peanut allergies. Please help keep our school peanut free. Thank you! Chattanooga Trip: See the bottom of this letter about making payments. Anytime you want, you may pay in full for your child, or make partial payments (amount of your choice). Due to funding we have in our account, the student cost of the trip has decreased. Total student cost will be $57, which includes admission, food, and transportation. Total cost for adults is $95 if you are riding the charter bus, or $55 if you are driving. Daylight Savings time this weekend. Don’t forget to “Fall back” an hour. No School Monday or Tuesday, November 5-6. Mid-terms will be sent home Friday, November 9th Grandparent's Day will be November 14th for 6th grade students Veteran's Day Recognition will be Monday, November 12 at 9:30. Invite your Veteran! See invitation in Friday Folder. Tutoring letters were sent last Friday. Please return with a yes or no response. DAIRY QUEEN DAY 3pm-6pm on Tuesday, November 13th!!!! Central gets percentage of profits from sales. Nov. 13: Walking trip to GCHS for a musical performance by MSU Orchestra. This opportunity is free! Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Monday, November 19th. Xmas Music Program will be on Wed., Dec. 19th at 9:00 (grades P-3) and again @ 1:00 for grades 4-6. 6th grade - wear sock toboggan or knit hats, mittens or gloves, scarves, and have handkerchief/bandanna for dancing. Boys will be at back of stage and girls will be in front of them. WHAT’S HAPPENING IN CLASS? Science/Soc. Stu: Studying World War 2 and the decades throughout history. Math Class: This week we have been working on prior knowledge we need to recall before our study of ratios. Writing equivalent fractions, writing fractions in simplest form, converting measurements in both the customary and metric measurement systems, and interpreting a Comparison Bar Model are a few of the skills we have been working on. Also, many students have used all their pencils from the beginning of the year and have depleted my classroom supply. Please check with your child to see if you need to pick up some more for them. Writing Class: Students have finalized their fiction story. Students will be finding compound subjects and predicates, and practicing editing skills. Reading Class: Students will be introduced to the Holocaust, and completing reading/research activities to help students understand the novel entitled, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. We just started the novel this week. Spelling Words: Flashback, Obstinate, Occupation, Sabotage, Impassive, Trousseau, FiancĂ©, Rationed, Haughtily, Analogy, Imperious, Imprinted, Submerged, Synagogue, Tension I am making a payment for the 6th grade trip to Chattanooga, TN Aquarium. The total cost of the trip is $57 for students, and $95 for adults riding the bus, $55 for adult driving. Total amount due by March 1. I would like to make a November payment of _$_____, attached. You may pay as much as you like for a partial payment each month between now and March 1, or make a full payment. If you pay $12 a month for student, the amount will be paid in full by the time of the field trip. Payment for: (circle one) Student Adult Sibling Name of person to whom we will apply payment:___________________________

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 29-Nov 1

Writing Class: Students will finish writing a fiction story. Students will be finding subjects and predicates, and practicing editing skills. Reading Class: Students will be introduced to the Holocaust, and completing reading/research activities to help students understand the upcoming novel entitled, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. Spelling Words: (We will have these words for a week and a half) Flashback, Obstinate, Occupation, Sabotage, Impassive, Trousseau, Fiancé, Rationed, Haughtily, Analogy, Imperious, Imprinted, Submerged, Synagogue, Tension

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have a Nice Fall Break!

October 8-12 Writing Class: Students will start writing a fiction story. Students will be finding subjects and predicates, and practicing editing skills. Reading Class: When we return from Fall Break, we will read a nonfiction article from the Storyworks magazine, determining cause/effect, and integrating information from a video and article. Spelling/Vocabulary Words for October 8-12: Tiresome, Arrogant, Surly, Agile, Midst, Peril, Thrive, Ally, Prolong, Scour, Unruly, Concealed, Bias, Hunch, Rambled, Mustered, Cheap, Frank, Ambush, Diminutive Have a spelling choice complete for Thursday.

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

Writing Class: Students are writing and revising personal narratives and painting pictures with words using Brushstrokes, as well as grammar and editing skills. Reading Class: Students have finished Where the Red Fern Grows. Goals include describing how the plot unfolds, and analyzing how a scene fits into the overall structure of the text. Students are classifying literary devices, and discussing the effect of figurative language. Please ensure your child reads AR at home for 15-20 minutes each night. AR Goal for the 9 weeks is 19.5. Spelling Words for next week: swiftly, dawn, pride, champion, despair, haggard, searing, scramble, predatory, petrified, berserk, lithe, ghastly, scourge, entrails, rebelled, symbolism, character, episodes, imagery Spelling Choice due Wednesday, Test Thursday.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Spelling Words September 4-7 Spelling Choice Due Thursday Test Friday Drizzle Impossible Fault Luckiest Qualified Miracle Ghost Graveyard Liquor Coffee Numb Chores Chill Blood Champion tobacco accident oldest campground stubborn